Documents on the results of the project

DeliverableDissemination levelDatePublisherDownload
D1.1 - Requirement specification documentCOM8SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
D1.2 - Report on asset-based use case analysisCOM6TAMPERE UNIVERSITY
D1.3 - Data acquisition protocolCOM6TAMPERE UNIVERSITY
D1.4 - Summary report of the sustainability monitoring requirementsCOM6SINTEF
D1.5 - Report on functional needs for sustainability monitoring and validation criteriaCOM6SINTEF
D1.6 - Report on the geotechnical analysisCOM6SUBTERRA INGENIERIA
D1.7 - Report on the decision support and alerting system requirementsCOM6LIBRA MLI LTD
D1.8 - Report on the safety culture rulebased methodologyCOM6EUROCORE
D2.1 - Report on development of data acquisition system and hardware prototypeCOM24TAMPERE UNIVERSITY
D2.2 - Report on geotechnical monitoringPUM24SUBTERRA INGENIERIADownload
D2.3 - Reports: EHS and environmental measurement performanceCOM18/M24SINTEF
D2.4 - Reports: Garment design, subsystem specifications and architecture /
Garment development and operation results
D3.1 - Dig_IT IIoT platform architecture designCOM30ICCS
D3.2 - Dig_IT data gathering platform implementation reportPUM28ICCSDownload
D3.3 - FTC software packageCOM28BRUNEL UNIVERSITY
D3.4 - Report on Big data optimisation and analysisPUM28BRUNEL UNIVERSITYDownload
D3.5 - Security on IoT devices: initial and finalCOM18/M28RO TECHNOLOGY
D3.6 - Localization and communication infrastructure reportCOM28ICCS
D3.7 - Report on edge computing devices planning and interoperabilityCOM30ICCS
D4.1 - Report on mining asset digital twin developmentCOM36TAMPERE UNIVERSITY
D4.2 - Report on geotechnical digital twin development processCOM36SUBTERRA INGENIERIA
D4.3 - Fluid-dynamics digital twins and methodology for their developmentPUM36ITAINNOVA
D4.4 - A Python library and documentation for building digital twins from engineering simulation tools (v1.0) and finalCOM21/M36ITAINNOVA
D5.1 - Datasets with required attributes and multiple objectives resulting from mine practice to be optimized and report on a novel optimization framework for phase-based evolutionary computationCOM24BRUNEL UNIVERSITY
D5.2 - LCA for the IioTp technologies and LCA for the mining projects before and after the application of IioTp technologies LCA for the IioTp technologies and LCA for the mining projects before and after the application of IioTp technologiesPUM24STRATAGEM ENERGY LTDDownload
D5.3 - Intelligent safety toolboxCOM30LIBRA MLI LTD
D5.4 - Predictive operation system reportCOM36CORE INNOVATION
D5.5 - Predictive maintenance agents reportCOM36CORE INNOVATION
D5.6 - Cloud/Web-based decision support system including detailed user manual for each interactive dashboard providedCOM38LIBRA MLI LTD
D6.1 - Evaluation Dashboard and evaluation procedureCOM15/ M24/ M30ITAINNOVA
D6.2 - System integration platform description and datasheetCOM42SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
D6.3 - Integration testingCOM46SUBTERRA INGENIERIA
D6.4 - Report with generalized best practices and a scalability analysisPUM48ITAINNOVA
D7.1 - Report on EIP on Raw Materials partnership activitiesPUM48TAMPERE UNIVERSITY
D7.2 - Description of Advisory Board and definition of action and governing guidelines.PUM6ITAINNOVADownload
D7.3 - Technical report on JRC and RMIS experts meetingsPUM24STRATAGEM ENERGY LTDDownload
D7.4 - Technical report on Dig_IT data in RMIS platformPUM48STRATAGEM ENERGY LTD
D7.5 - Technical dissemination report on RMISPUM12/M24/M48STRATAGEM ENERGY LTDDownload
D7.6 - Technical description of the distributed ledger infrastructureCOM48ITAINNOVA
D7.7 - Report: Roadmap for standardisationPUM12/M24/M48SINTEF
D7.8 - Report: Roadmap for standardisation based on results from Dig_ITPUΜ48SINTEF
D7.9 - Report: Identification of key communities and their concernsPUΜ30SINTEFDownload
D7.10 - Report: Results and recommendations from two community interaction studiesPUM48SINTEF
D8.1 - Project WebsitePUM3RO TECHNOLOGYDownload
D8.2 - Project Communication KIT: graphic identity (LOGO), leaflet, press release and posterPUM6RO TECHNOLOGYDownload
D8.3 - 1st Interim Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of Results (PEDR)COM18CORE INNOVATION
D8.6 - IPR Seminar to clarify ownership and access rights COM36RO TECHNOLOGY
D8.7 - Final Workshop ConferencePUM48RO TECHNOLOGY
D8.8 - Project videoPUM42RO TECHNOLOGY
D8.9 - Replicability and market uptake reportPUM48CORE INNOVATION
D8.10 - Future funding and investment plantCOM48CORE INNOVATION
D8.11 - Data Management Plan (DMP)PUM6RO TECHNOLOGYDownload
D9.1 - Consortium AgreementCOM1ITAINNOVA
D9.2 - Quality assurance and risk assessment planCOM4/M12/M24/M36/M48ITAINNOVA
D9.3 - 1st Year Progress reportCOM12ITAINNOVA
D9.4 - 2nd Year Progress report2nd Year Progress reportCOM24ITAINNOVA
D9.5 - 3rd Year Progress reportCOM36ITAINNOVA
D9.6 - Final reportCOM48ITAINNOVA
D10.1 - H-Requirement No. 1COM9ITAINNOVA
D10.2 - POPD-Requirement No. 2

D10.3 - NEC - Requirement No. 3

D10.4 - EPQ - Requirement No. 4COM9ITAINNOVA
D10.5 - GEN - Requirement No. 5