Dig_ it is a Horizon 2020 funded project that will address the needs of the mining industry to move forward towards a sustainable use of resources while keeping people and environment at the forefront of their priorities. In order to achieve its objective, Dig_IT proposes the development of a smart Industrial Internet of Things platform (IIoTp) that will improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of mining operations by connecting cyber and physical systems.


DIGIECOQUARRY is a H2020 Project addressing the topic C5-10-2019-2020, which will exploit the aggregates industry´s great potential through a coordinated approach towards construction materials management with the final goal of reducing EU external supply dependency as well as leading an efficient use of resources.


The EU-funded illuMINEation project will highlight significant aspects of digitalisation in underground mining activities with the aim of achieving highest possible levels of safety, environmental and economic performance. 


MASTERMINE aspires to become the go-to ecosystem for mines that envision digitalisation, environmental sustainability, productivity monitoring and public acceptance within their strategic goals.


ROBOMINERS is developing a bio-inspired, modular and reconfigurable robot-miner for small and difficult to access deposits. 



ROTATE is a Horizon Europe-funded project that aims to provide environmental solutions that will contribute to facilitate the generation of synergies between diverse industrial sectors related to mining and quarrying.


SUMEX is a H2020 Horizon project. The project supports the set-up of a European sustainability framework to improve the permitting procedure along the extractive value chain (prospecting, exploration, extraction, processing, closure, post closure activities), to guarantee timely decisions, a transparent governmental regulatory regime, appealing financial and administrative conditions and sustainable natural environmental and social conditions.