Partners involved

All partners have been involved in Task 8.3. End users involved are Marini Marmi, Titania and Kemi.

Objective and outcomes

The main goal of Task 8.3 is to assist partners in bringing their results closer to the market, thanks to Market Research and Business Model Design.

Task 8.1 Development of the Plan for the Exploitation and Dissemination of Results, and T8.4 Innovation Management have used the outcomes of this task.

What has been done in Task 8.3?

Among Task 8.3 tasks, CORE has developed a business model for Dig_IT IoT platform. In this task, CORE has focused on mining industry as initial customer, and we engaged all edge technologies such as machine learning and predictive maintenance. Mining operations will offer great value on their communities and markets via optimization of their operations, sustainability goals and advanced health and safety measures. These business models are highly financed by investors due to their ESG focused outputs. CORE analyzed all these parameters to ensure necessary activities and resources will be available for the post-project period.