Sustainable Places conference 2022

Sustainable Places Conference 2022

Our colleagues from Ro Technology, represented by Amal Alrish, Diego Grimani, and Damiano Vallocchia, disseminated the Dig_IT project at the Sustainable Places Conference 2022 in Nice from 6- 9 September. They discussed collaboration opportunities together with over 150 projects addressing all of the Horizon Europe work program’s topics that have to do with creating a better, more sustainable built environment.

The opening plenary served as an invitation to innovate for sustainability with France, its Region Sud, and Nice Côte d’Azur. The European Commission, the French Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Mayor of Nice, and regional industry innovation clusters provided the opening keynotes. The session also included an info day where a relevant selection of forthcoming EU funding opportunities through the LIFE and Horizon Europe calls were presented. After the session, they had the chance to connect and create research and Market opportunities with the global Sustainable Places community during the networking and welcome drink.

During the second day, they had the chance to attend several seminars and workshops covering various topics at the Sustainable Places Conference. For example, digitalization of the building sector, AI and ethics in manufacturing, and Smart meter roll-up. In addition, in the afternoon, they attended other interesting workshops related to Ontologies in Digital Twin, and Deep renovation. Moreover, they participated in celebrating the 10th anniversary of this #event during a unique social dinner at the iconic Le Negresco hotel in the evening.

The third day of the Sustainable Places Conference featured different workshops and paper sessions on the topics of innovative renovation techniques, renewable technologies, circularity, and grid-scale technologies. Our colleague Amal Alrish presented the Dig_IT project’s objective, concept, use cases, achieved milestones, and foreseen ones during the Sustainable Construction session.

During the fourth day, besides attending several interesting workshops on Energy Skills in Construction 3.0, Urban transformation, renewables, and AI & digitalization, they had the opportunity to visit the Nice Smart City Innovation Center (IMREDD – Université Côte d’Azur) in the afternoon. This center is interested in a social challenge: the intelligent and resilient territory tackling all environmental problems. It aspires to develop the Mediterranean city of the future. They had the chance to know the majority of its operations, which are centered on four Strategic Activity Areas (SAAs). These include intelligent buildings/neighborhoods, mobility, risks, the environment, and, in a transversal manner, human beings. The core of smart city projects is the philosophical, ethical, safety, well-being, behavioral, and usage aspects.