Smart Garment Design & Development

Smart Garment Design & Development


ICCS together with SINTEF, and SCHNEIDER have designed and developed a Smart Garment capable of sensing mining personnel’s OHSE parameters, including biometrics, communication, and speech recognition. This activity involves the end users MARINI, TITANIA and KEMI.

Objective and Outcomes

The main objective of this task is to design and develop Smart Garment for sensing mining personnel’s OHSE parameters, biometrics with communication and speech recognition, that will be deployed at the use cases of MARINI, TITANIA and KEMI. 


A Smart Garment was developed to ensure endurance in the harsh conditions of the aforementioned physical mines, with embedded miniaturized sensing devices assessing OHSE, physical and chemical parameters, biometrics data assessing the health condition or stress of the personnel and improved situational awareness. The smart garment was developed in the form of a vest/jacket comprising of a number of subsystems (smart garment hub, headphones, wristband), in order to meet end-users’ acceptance criteria. Below you can see the bracelet and the vest.