Ro Technology travels through the project’s use cases for the final video recording

19/10/2023Ro Technology, the Dig_IT communication, and dissemination task leader, embarked during the summer and autumn of 2023 on a long journey to capture the captivating locations of our project use cases in Italy, Norway, and Finland. 

On first place, Ro Technology, together with MDF Studio, the video producers, travelled to the province of Bergamo in Italy to visit Marini Marmi. There, they had the chance to interview from first hand to Giulio Marini, owner and CEO of Marini Marmi and Matteo Moioli, member of Marini Marmi team. During their visit, our Dig_ITers were able to film exclusive shots of the exterior and interior of the mine, as well as its facilities.

On October, they headed to Norway and visited the Tellnes mine from our Titania use case, gathering excellent photo and video material, and interviewing Marte Toegersen, as Titania’s responsible for Dig_IT Project.

The next destination of this adventure was the Kemi mine from Tapojarvi located in Finland. There, our Dig_ITers could capture stunning shots of the mine and interviewed Markus Partanen, Maintenance manager at Tapojarvi.

The last stop of the journey was HANNUKAINEN MINING OY, located in Kolari within the Arctic Circle. Surrounded by the snow, our Dig_ITers were able to interview Jaana Koivumaa, manager, and Tuomas Lahti, environmental engineer at Hannukainen.

All in all, collecting material for our final project video has turned out to be an incredible experience to visit the use cases, meet the wonderful team behind it, and see the fruits of the project first-hand.

About Dig_IT

Dig_IT project aims to develop a human-centered IIoT platform connecting the mining ecosystem of assets, environment, and humans to increase mining efficiency: saving costs using optimized scheduling, increasing uptime using predictive operation and maintenance, and identifying new revenue opportunities using advanced geological interpretation on exploration mining phase. To address industry needs of minimizing accidents, optimizing production processes, and reducing costs, intelligent systems will provide real-time insights for the enterprise at all operational levels.

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María García Camprubí
Project Coordinator
ITAINNOVA: Technological Institute of Aragon