Dig_IT Project Consortium Accelerates Progress in Online Technical Meeting

22/09/2023 – The Dig_IT Project consortium marked a significant milestone as they held a highly productive Online Technical Meeting last Friday, 22 September. The meeting served as a crucial juncture for the consortium to intensify their efforts, analyze the current project status, and deliberate over pending tasks.

With just eight months remaining until the conclusion of this ambitious project, the meeting, which commenced at 9:30 AM and concluded around 3:30 PM, witnessed the active participation of all 16 project partners.

The meeting kicked off with an introduction that provided an overview of the project’s overall progress. Then, participants were guided through the upcoming steps crucial to executing the second reporting period successfully.

Subsequently, each Work Package leader took the stage one by one, delivering presentations on the status and advancement of their respective tasks. These sessions included a review of accomplishments from the previous project period, an outline of pending tasks awaiting completion, and a clear roadmap for future actions. The dynamic discussions that followed provided a valuable place for all partners to share their insights.

The event, attended by approximately 40 participants, fostered an atmosphere of interaction, enabling attendees to engage in meaningful exchanges of questions and answers. This collaborative approach allowed each participant the freedom to contribute their unique perspectives, enriching the discourse and propelling the project forward.

María García Camprubí from ITAINNOVA, serving as the Project Coordinator, played a pivotal role in chairing the meeting, ensuring that the meeting ran smoothly and efficiently.

As the Dig_IT Project consortium reaches this critical juncture, their dedication and collaborative spirit continue to drive progress toward their shared objectives. 

About Dig_IT

Dig_IT project aims to develop a human-centered IIoT platform connecting the mining ecosystem of assets, environment, and humans to increase mining efficiency: saving costs using optimized scheduling, increasing uptime using predictive operation and maintenance, and identifying new revenue opportunities using advanced geological interpretation on exploration mining phase. To address industry needs of minimizing accidents, optimizing production processes, and reducing costs, intelligent systems will provide real-time insights for the enterprise at all operational levels.

For more information about the Dig_IT Project and to stay updated on its progress, please visit digit-h2020.eu.


María García Camprubí
Project Coordinator
ITAINNOVA: Technological Institute of Aragon