Dig_IT consortium meets face-to-face at Core Innovation headquarters

31/01/2024 – During the past 28th and 29th of November, the entire Dig_IT consortium met at Core Innovation Centre’s headquarters in Athens, Greece. Konstantinos Nikolopoulos and Valia Iliopoulou were the Dig_ITers in charge of hosting the more than 40 project participants who travelled to Greece, and made the technical meeting a success.

During the first day, representatives of Nemko Norlab, ICCS, Brunel University London, ITAINNOVA, Tampere University, Schneider Electric, and SYSTRA Subterra presented the current status of each WP and their progress. In addition, during the afternoon, the Dig_IT consortium held two workshops. One focused on Standardisation and the other on System Integration.

On the second day, it was the turn of STRATAGEM Ltd, CORE Innovation Centre, and ITAINNOVA to present the current status and progress of the WP that are leading. Meanwhile, Ro Technology, wearecolab, and Blue Ocean Projects conducted the interviews recordings to key project members for the final video, which will be produced to showcase the achievements of Dig_IT, as part of the communication and dissemination activities. Finally, the day was concluded with the Project Steering Committee, led by the Project Coordinator, María García Camprubí.

Thanks to this face-to-face meeting, it fostered collaboration between partners and led to discussions that laid the groundwork for enhancing and propelling the project forward in its final months.

About Dig_IT

Dig_IT project aims to develop a human-centered IIoT platform connecting the mining ecosystem of assets, environment, and humans to increase mining efficiency: saving costs using optimized scheduling, increasing uptime using predictive operation and maintenance, and identifying new revenue opportunities using advanced geological interpretation on exploration mining phase. To address industry needs of minimizing accidents, optimizing production processes, and reducing costs, intelligent systems will provide real-time insights for the enterprise at all operational levels.

For more information about the Dig_IT Project and to stay updated on its progress, please visit digit-h2020.eu.


María García Camprubí
Project Coordinator
ITAINNOVA: Technological Institute of Aragon