Data Gathering Platform Implementation

Data Gathering Platform Implementation


ICCS together with SINTEFCORE and LIBRA.

This activity involves the end users MARINITITANIA and KEMI

Objective and Outcomes

The taks aims to:

  • implement a downstream to the IIoT platform harmonisation layer;
  • develop a sensors platform able to guarantee high-quality data acquisition

The ask help to achieve the WP3 goals defining the design of a well-established IIoT Platform which incorporates various data management technologies and its outcomes affect task T3.4 “Big Data optimisation and analysis” and WP4 “Digital Twins Layer” and WP5 “Intelligence Layer”.


The data gathering platform is the core part of the Dig_IT platform, described in Deliverable 3.1. It consists of various interfaces implemented both for gathering data from different kinds of sources and for exporting data to different destinations. The data comes from various sources and forwarded to various destinations using a lot of methods including MQTT and Kafka brokers, APIs, and timescale databases. Thus, corresponding connectors implemented in order to support all these operations.

Data Gathering Platform Implementation