3rd Dig_IT Technical Meeting


On January 28, 2021, the third Dig_IT virtual technical meeting took place.


The main objective of the conference was to check the activities put in place during the last three months.

Wp1 was completed last month and currently all other WPs are proceeding on schedule.  


After the lineup, the future action plan in view of the next technical meeting was discussed.  

2nd Dig_IT Technical Meeting

The 19th October 2020, the second Dig_IT virtual technical meeting took place.

The main meeting’s objective it was the control of deliverables progress and review process.


The conference started with a summary of the project’s objectives for the first quarter, with a particular attention to WP1 and WP2 and a specific analysis of specific needs and open points of the project.

Moreover at the end of the event, participants discussed further actions to set in place to ensure quality of deliverables and they fixed some new important dates for document delivery.

Dig_IT at Final SLIM Event!

Today Dig_IT project was presented by the Technical Manager David de Paz Ruiz and the Project Coordinator María García Camprubí, during the final event of the closely related project, SLIM, that is reaching the end. 

Conceived as a clustering event, during the meeting other projects concerning the mining sector were also illustrated such as: Re-sourcing, Intermin, Mireu, Robominers, Biorecover and Tarantula.