Advancements in Data Acquisition System and Hardware Prototype Development

15/04/2024 – Our partners Tapojärvi, Titania, Tampere University, Schneider Electric, and CORE Innovation and Technology team have been collaborating in Task 2.1 Development of data acquisition system and hardware prototype. Together, they have been working on the development to get the entire communication work end-to-end from the assets via the edge server and aggregator to the big data server.

The raw field data collected through our IIoT framework is integral for the analytics under development. The efficient data flow architecture we’ve implemented facilitates the synthesis and utilization of big data analytics. Recent developments include minor behavioral fixes in asset gateways to enhance reliability, the installation of accelerometers in assets at the Kemi mine, and the migration of edge server services to a new server with merged databases.

Additionally, adjustments have been made to the data model for edge server-to-aggregator communication, alongside modifications to data formats and packet structures to ensure a seamless connection. Throughout each phase, troubleshooting and testing have been conducted to guarantee the effectiveness and reliability of our systems.

Our software and tools, including Yocto/Ångström Linux, Python 3.9, NodeJS with MQTT and Mongoose, and MongoDB, have played a key role in facilitating these developments. These advancements represent a significant step forward in achieving Dig_IT’s objectives.