Dig_IT portfolio is now available on Raw Materials Knowledge Gateway

Dig_IT project is now available on Raw Materials Information System (RMIS), the European Commission’s reference web-based knowledge platform on non-fuel, non-agriculture raw materials from primary (extracted/harvested) to secondary (recycled/recovered) sources, along their entire value/supply chains. RMIS meets the needs of empowering the European Union Raw Materials Knowledge Base (EURMKB) and acts as the central entry point to this nature of knowledge and as interface for policy support.

One of the thematic sections of the RMIS platform is the “Raw Materials Knowledge Gateway” (RMKG), which is a key element of the RMIS as it provides an access point with concentrated knowledge on raw materials from several providers, at European, national, and international level.  The portfolio of Dig_IT was published in December 2020 to the RMKG and can be found via this link https://rmis.jrc.ec.europa.eu/?page=rmkg. At a first glance on Dig_IT portfolio, the visitor will notice the visual identifier of the Project (Project’s logo) and the Project’s webpage. Furthermore, the visitor has the chance to navigate through the thematic sections “Overview”, “Raw materials Knowledge”, “Research and Innovation” and “Links and Contacts” where the relevant details are presented.